St. Mary Magdalene
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■ Parochial Church Council

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The Parochial Church Council (PCC) consists of Clergy, Readers, Licenced Workers and elected members of the congregation.

Together, they are responsible for the overall wellbeing, practical and spiritual, of the people and of the building.

The PCC also ensures that appropriate arrangements are in place for worship, providing an opportunity for those of all ages to meet for prayer and worship, and promotes the churches mission within the wider community.

Members of the Parochial Church Council

Fr. Martin Mills (Assistant Curate) †

Dr. Tony Bond (Reader & Chairman) †

Mrs. Susan Ayres (Churchwarden & Vice-Chairman) †

Mr. Tim Hutchings (Churchwarden & Hon. Treasurer) †

Mrs. Claire George (Hon. Secretary - 2017)

Mr. Martin Burgess (2019)

Mrs. Janice Warren (2017)

Mr. John Allen (2017)

Mr. Ron Leggett (2019)

Mr. Rodney Pratt (Deanery Synod Representative - 2017) †

Mrs. Peta Pratt (Deanery Synod Representative - 2017) †

​​​​​​Mrs. Linda Barker (Safeguarding Officer) 

Ex-Officio            ‡ Co-opted           (Year Elected)

Meetings were last held on Sunday 28th April 2019
The next rescheduled meetings will take place on Sunday 18th October 2020

  • Churchwardens are elected for 1 year
  • Members & Representatives are elected for 3 years
  • Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Electoral Roll and Safeguarding Officers are elected by the PCC
  • There are currently 4 elected vacancies

Other Officials

Mrs. Susan Ayres  (Electoral Roll Officer)


Pastoral Scheme - February 6th 2020