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Baptism is a Sacrament

 - an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.

The liturgy of the service makes this clear:

Through the sign of the cross, we are claimed for Christ;
Through anointing with oil, we become members of his family;
Through water, we are washed clean of our sins;
Through the lighting of a candle, we should shine as light in the world.


Who is Baptism for ?

The Church consists of members who are admitted into the fellowship of faith in Christ Jesus through Baptism (also known as a Christening).

You may come just as you are, desiring to know, love, and follow the Lord Jesus.

Baptism is the beginning of a relationship of love: love of God, and love of neighbour.

How much will it cost ?

The Church makes no charge for Baptism though any contribution you feel able to make is, of course most welcome.

Since Christ died for all in order to set us free, all may share freely in the new life that he longs to give.

The true cost is entering into a new way of life.

Who can I speak to ?

We welcome baptism enquiries from families resident within our parish, and those who are regular worshippers at St. Mary Magdalene.

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For further information about baptism please visit the

Church of England Christening Website


Choosing Godparents

The choice of Godparents is very important, and is not primarily social but spiritual.

A Godparent should be confirmed (or at least baptised), have a mature faith and a willingness to learn more.

The vows that Godparents make are also important — to teach by word and example, to pray for the spiritual wellbeing of the Godchild, as well as encouraging a love of God.

Becoming a Godparent

Becoming a Godparent is about teaching — showing your Godchild, by word and example, how to know, love, and follow the Lord Jesus, and to profess the Christian faith confidently.

These are the vows you make, to pass on what you yourself have received from the Church and to become a spiritual friend and confidant in times of joy and sorrow.

Just as a proposal of marriage begins an engagement which is fulfilled at the wedding, so the Godparent's vows at baptism begin a time of instruction and encouragement which is fulfilled when your Godchild eventually makes their Confirmation of the faith.

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