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There are 19 photo albums.

  • Northern Lights 2024 (6 photos)

    Northern Lights over the Church - May 2024.
    With thanks to ©James Staples.

    Northern Lights

  • Photographs 2024 (4 photos)

    Misc photographs taken during 2024

    Bolney Market Feb 2024

  • Rev. Daniel Valentine Induction (6 photos)

    Induction of Rev. Daniel Valentine as Incumbent of the joint Benefices of Cuckfield and Bolney by +Martin on November 22nd 2023 at Holy Trinity, Cuckfield.

    Daniel said:

    "I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be here at last as your vicar in Cuckfield and Bolney and I appreciate your patience during the vacancy. It will inevitably take me a little while to get to know you all. Please bear with me.

    I am very much looking forward to getting to know you all and working with you."


  • Harvest 2023 (6 photos)

    Harvest Festival 2023

    Altar Sheaves

  • Photographs since 2020 (38 photos)

    Miscellaneous Photographs taken since 2020

    St. Mary Magdalene, Bolney - 1851

  • Vicars of Bolney (13 photos)

    Previous Vicars of St. Mary Magdalene, Bolney since 1886

    Roderick Charles MacLeod BD

  • Photographs 2019 (24 photos)

    Photographs from 2019

    Prayer Pilgrimage 2019

  • Farewell Fr. Keith (16 photos)

    Fr. Keith's farewell service.

    20th January 2019

    Cutting the cake

  • Harvest 2018 (21 photos)

    Harvest Supper at The Atrium

    Church decorated for Harvest

    Harvest Honey

  • Drone Images (17 photos)

    With thanks to ©James Tucker

    Church from South East

  • Peace Garden (8 photos)

    Created by the children of Bolney School.

    The garden was blessed by Archdeacon Fiona on Wednesday July 4th 2018.

    Peace Garden 1

  • Photographs 2018 (12 photos)

    Miscellaneous Photographs from 2018

    Hazel Clift

  • Guide Photos (1961) (8 photos)

    A guide to the Parish Church was published in 1961.

    These facimilie photographs were taken from an original copy kindly lent by
    Gavin Dunbar, grandson of Rev. Michell, vicar from 1912 until 1939.

    The entire guide can be viewed by clicking Information –  History

    South Door (Saxon)

  • Stations of the Cross (10 photos)

    Stations of the Cross - Thursday 29th March 2018

    To celebrate Easter in 2018, Bolney CE Primary School's Spirituality Group planned and organised the Stations of the Cross to be held in the school grounds following the fantastic success of the Passion Play two years before. The Spirituality Group (Mrs Kenny, Mrs Harvey, Fr. Keith, Mr Sutton and Mrs Glew) wrote reflections and prayers to accompany ten pieces of artwork created by eleven children in the school.

    We asked eleven of our young artists to draw their representation of an aspect of Jesus' journey from when he was condemned to death by Pilate, to his death and burial. Mrs Harvey shared some images used for the Stations of the Cross around the world with the children. They then researched their scene and thought hard about how to draw it in a way that enables the children in school to reflect on its meaning. These ten amazing images were painted onto large acrylic sheets by the children in each class so they could be hung around our grounds.

    We talked with the all children about aspects of Jesus' journey in worship and learnt two hymns, Lord of the Dance and Colours of Day, ready for this special event. The Spirituality Group carefully selected passages from the Bible and wrote prayers and reflections about what happened to Jesus on that journey to share with the children. In writing the reflections we tried to ensure that the children were able to relate aspects of this journey and its meanings to their own life and what Jesus was intending for everyone to understand and do. We invited people from our community to read the reflections, these included: Rev. Ruth, Mrs Pym, Mr Allaby, Mr and Mrs Glew, along with Fr. Keith and Mr Sutton.

    Families and more people from the community joined us for the afternoon of Maundy Thursday where the children were in their house teams so siblings were together. Unfortunately it was raining on the day so we placed 5 pieces of artwork in the school and 5 in the church so we could still journey through them. We began the afternoon together in the hall and sung Lord of the Dance accompanied by Mrs Glew on the guitar one of our pupils on the drums. We introduced the Stations of the Cross and then one house team at a time began their journey around the school and church, visiting each of the ten stations. At each station the adults read the chosen Bible passage, shared the reflection and said a prayer, giving the children and their families’ time to contemplate the meaning. They answered any questions the children had about each event. This was very moving, and as each group journeyed between each station they sang the taize, ˜Jesus remember me".

    While each house team waited to begin their journey or for the others to finish, they completed some reflection activities based on the Stations of the Cross in class. At the end of the day we all met to sing Colours of Day and Fr. Keith gave us a blessing. The Friends of Bolney kindly provided refreshments for everyone.

    The childrens artwork was stunning and they helped everyone to reflect on the events two thousand years ago and how they can help us now in our lives. It was certainly an afternoon to remember and cherish.

    8. Jesus dies upon the cross

  • Licensing Tony Bond (14 photos)

    Licensing of Dr. Tony Bond as Reader by Bishop Mark of Horsham.

    14th January 2018

    Tony and Bishop Mark

  • Ride & Stride (3 photos)

    Ride & Stride Pictures

    Marigold - Where Tony then?

  • Confirmation (18 photos)

    Confirmation service held at St. Mary Magdalene on Sunday October 8th 2017.

    Celebrant: Bishop Mark of Horsham

    Candidates with Bishop Mark

  • St. Mary Magdalene (23 photos)

    Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Bolney - Inside and Out!

    East Front - Approach from Car Park

  • In the Snow (5 photos)

    When the north winds didst blow, Bolney had snow!

    Snow 2

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