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Losing a loved one is a very painful experience.

Our priests here at St Mary Magdalene can help to support you through this difficult time.

Arranging a Funeral or Memorial Service

We are always available to conduct a funeral service for those who live in our parish, or who have some historical link with the parish.

Funeral services can take place either in St. Mary Magdalene or, if you prefer, at a local crematorium.

Funeral Service at St. Mary Magdalene

Memorial Services can also be arranged, to take place immediately following a private funeral service, or a short period afterwards.

For further help -

 Contact Us  or speak to your funeral director.

Prayer and Support

The name of your loved one will be included in our Pew News Sheet for the following weeks, and they will be prayed for at our Sunday services.

Many people find it helpful to come to church around the time of a loss, even if they are not regular churchgoers, and you are most welcome to join us at any service.

Bereavement Support


Coming to a service at the anniversary of your loss, and adding your loved ones name to the list of departed who are prayed for each November at our All Soul's Day service is also a fitting act of memorial.

Flowers in Memorium

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