St. Mary Magdalene Bolney

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Come and See

We will be singing this hymn on Passion Sunday (April 7th)
when we will be joined by the Ven. Fiona Windsor - Archdeacon of Horsham.

If you've not sung it before, here's your chance!

We will be introducing a new Kyrie for Breathing Space and Lent
- taken from Mass of the Bread of Life by Margaret Rizza.

Fr. Keith Final Processional
A short clip of the Processional at Fr. Keith final service - Breathing Space on 20th January 2019.

Church Clock Chimes
Are now back in action!

Thank you to everybody who donated to the Ding Dong Appeal.

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Chichester Cathedral
- an aerial view

Blessing of the Kitchen Area
. . . in St. Mary Magdalene Church, Bolney by Bishop Mark in January 2018