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Marriage is a Sacrament, an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. The vows you will exchange are spoken in the presence of God, and in the sight and hearing of the congregation. These vows are the public profession of the inward intention of your hearts and all who witness these vows take a similar vow to uphold you in your married life together.

Who can get married ?

A wedding ceremony is a public witness before God to the love that two people have for each other. It not only marks the beginning of a marriage, but celebrates God at work through our human relationships, and blesses us on our journey through life.

We welcome enquiries about conducting wedding ceremonies at St. Mary Magdalene, and if you choose to be married in church, we will do all we can to help make your special day both enjoyable and memorable.

If you live within the Parish of Bolney, or have a qualifing connection, then you are eligible to hold your marriage ceremony at St. Mary Magdalene.

If you do not have a qualifying connection, it is possible to gain one by becoming regular worshippers at St. Mary Magdalene for 6 months.

for further information or advice.

Please only download and complete the mail Banns of Marriage Application Form  AFTER you have spoken to a member of the clergy and have been advised to do so.

How do I plan the service ?

The priest will discuss the ceremony with you in detail at the initial meeting.

There is the fixed order of the marriage ceremony itself alongside the hymns and readings.

Many couples design a service booklet for their guests which afterwards serves as a further momento of your special day.

mail Service Outline          mail Wedding Hymns            mail Organ Voluntaries

We do recommend choosing hymns that are likely to be familiar to a significant number of your guests to help them fully participate in the service.

The care and maintenance of our ancient Parish Church is the responsibility of the congregation which, as with many rural churches, is small.
We depend upon, and are grateful for the generosity and support of those who use our Parish Church to help us maintain and repair the fabric so that future generations may enjoy the blessings that you will experience here.
Bolney PCC would greatly appreciate a note in your Order of Service that a collection will be taken on leaving the church which will help towards the upkeep of our beautiful building.     Thank you.


Further information on planning your ceremony can also be found here -