St. Mary Magdalene
B o l n e y


Those who have died in war

Gracious God, we remember and give thanks for all those who gave their lives in war.

Those whose names we know, and are written on our memorials, who lived in our streets and sat in these pews; Those in our families, whose loss left gaping holes and broken hearts; those whose names and stories are known only to you, and are written on the palms of your hands.

Gather them all in your love and mercy as we remember them.

Lord in your mercy - Hear our prayer.

Refugees of war

Lord Jesus we hold before you all caught up in and displaced by war and conflict. Those who have lost homes and possessions, and have had to flee for their lives, dependent on the kindness of strangers and vulnerable to the betrayal and greed of those who would seek to exploit them. Those who walk mile after weary mile, seeking safety and dignity and a place to lay their heads, feed their children, and rebuild their shattered lives.

Innocent victims of war, become victims of prejudice, and fear of ‘the other’. Jesus, you who fled terror and tyranny as a tiny child, draw near and bring healing and hope to traumatised lives and minds. Open hearts of compassion to feed, clothe and shelter them. Help us to know our part in that ministry of care, by being your body here on earth.

Lord in your mercy - Hear our prayer.

Children caught up in conflict

Heavenly Father, hear the cries of each child that calls out in the night. Cries of fear and loss and confusion. Nightmares that will not go away, even when they open their eyes. Children who have lost their childhoods through the tyranny and cruelty of leaders who hold their lives worthless.

You who knows each voice, each name, hold them in the darkness. Wrap them in your Love.

Lord in your mercy - Hear our prayer.

Those who mourn

Gracious God, we pray for all those who mourn those they have loved, lost through war and conflict. Those whose families will never be the same. Countless numbers, yet each loss a family torn. Lives changed forever. Your Word tells us that you grieve with them, your tears mingling with theirs, as your heart breaks.

Enfold them in your loving embrace, and may they know your comfort and Presence in their journey of pain and loss.

Lord in your mercy - Hear our prayer.

Those suffering on-going effects of war, for whom it never stops

Lord Jesus we hold in our prayers those those caught in repeating cycles of memory and trauma, for whom war never stops. Time never heals. Prince of Peace, touch with your healing and peace, scarred minds and hearts suffering with PTSD. We pray for their families struggling to help and cope, and for skilled support to be available to all.

Lord in your mercy - Hear our prayer.

Leaders of the nations

We pray for all people of position, power or influence with the means to make peace where there currently is none. Soften hearts with compassion, let justice rule, and your Spirit bring truth into the complexities and deceptions that justify violence and cruelty.

History can inspire or trap. Walls can protect or divide. Words can encourage or inflame. Power can free or destroy. Touch comfort or violate. Peace can be shared or withheld. 

Gracious God, on this day, when we remember past and present conflicts, we pray for the divided peoples of the world, that leaders, governments and each one of us may use our resources, our opportunities and our lives in the service of reconciliation, for the sake of future generations and to the glory of your name.

Lord in your mercy - Hear our prayer.

Current serving women and men and their families

Almighty God, in your heart we find mercy and peace. We commend to you the men and women who serve in the Navy, Army and Air Force, who face danger, and who put their own safety at risk in order to secure peace for others. Help them to know that, although often far from home, out of reach of the touch of a spouse, out of reach of the playful cuddle of a child, they are never beyond the reach of your touch and care. We pray that in all the actions of those who serve in war, or in peacekeeping activities around the world, the vision of your love for all people is neither lost nor forgotten.

We pray for the families of those who serve overseas. In their loneliness and anxiety may your Spirit bring support and comfort in order that they find the strength to endure their time apart from loved ones.

Lord in your mercy - Hear our prayer.