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Organ Specification


Thomas Christopher Lewis (1833-1915) was initially trained as an architect and began organ building around 1861. The firm of Lewis & Co. was established in Brixton, South London in 1868, and by 1900 Lewis and his team of craftsmen had built around 600 organs which were famed equally for the exceptional quality of their workmanship and brilliant vibrant tone. Lewis was influenced by the organs of Edmund Schulze in Germany and this is seen in the flue choruses and Germanic ranks such as the Geigen Principal and Lieblich Gedact.

 Great Organ     Swell Organ     Pedal Organ   
Open Diapason  8' Giegen Principal  8' Sub Bass 16'
Lieblich Gedact  8' Rohr Flute  8' Bass Flute  8'
Dulciana  8' Vox Angelica  8' Principal  8'
Flauto Traverso  4' Unda Maris  8' Fifteenth  4'
Salicet  4' Giegen Principal  4'    
Spitz Flute  2' Oboe  8'    
    Mixture  15.19.22  III    
Swell to Great   Swell Octave   Great to Pedal  
    Swell Sub Octave   Swell to Pedal  
    Unison Off      
Combination Pedals  3 Combination Pedals  3    












Console:  Stop type - Drawstop,  Pedalboard - Radiating Concave (30),  Balanced Pedal to Swell

Accessories:  Reversible pistons: Swell to Great, Great to Pedal

Case:  Oak veneered ply panels

National Pipe Organ Register:  A00963

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