St. Mary Magdalene
B o l n e y

■ Historical e-Guide to Parish Church

A guide to the Parish Church, published in 1961 when Eddie Mathias was vicar.

Susan Ayres writes -

" Churchwarden at the time was Christian Reed who published The Grocer magazine so he would have access to typists, printers etc.

- ‘tis me in one of those silly hats!  Sister Helen is there too.

Vicars daughter is dressed in cassock and surplice on the right.
We must have had a lack of boys at the time although there were quite a few who joined.
My brother is the server on Vicars left! "




This ebook has been created from facimilies taken from an original copy kindly lent by Gavin Dunbar who is the grandson of Rev. Michell, vicar from 1912 until 1939.