St. Mary Magdalene
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The church of St. Mary Magdalene is for you

and everyone is welcome



We are a friendly, loving community where you will be welcomed and accepted
as the person that you are and helped to grow in faith with others.

Our church is open daily between 9am and 5pm for visitors and for private prayer

Our Faith - What we believe


New to Church ?

Loving God, as we journey together through this period of interregnum, let us look to the journey of our Patron, St. Mary Magdalene for inspiration. As she and the other disciples walked alongside Christ, give us joy in each other as we share responsibility for our church and our community, and may the gift of interregnum be a period of deeper love and fellowship. As she stood at the foot of the Cross, give us courage to face our future and embrace the unknown. As she waited and watched by the tomb, give us patience to wait and wisdom to live and trust in the waiting. As she witnessed Christ in the stillness of early morning, grant that we may witness his presence with us at all times and let us look forward to rejoicing in that presence with our new Vicar.  Amen.


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What can I expect?

It’s important to understand that although we love and care for the beautiful and sacred building in which we meet, “the Church" is in fact "the people" who get together there.

We are all united by a shared desire to grow in relationship with God.

A Questioning Faith?

Don’t be put off if you think you don’t know or understand enough about God, Christianity, or the Church.

"You belong before you believe"

In other words, we recognise that faith is a relationship between ourselves and God that needs to unfold and to grow.

The church offers the space and time to allow that to happen and is a place which enables us to explore our thinking about God and deepen our relationship with him.


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