St. Mary Magdalene, Bolney

■ Stewardship

Parish churches are not centrally funded by the Church of England and do not receive any financial support from the taxpayer.

To exist and to further our aims as a charity, our work must be paid for. This means that we need to cover our day to day operating expenses as a parish, pay the running costs and maintain a Grade 1 listed building and provide a modest stipend for our parish priest.

Some of these funds are administered by the PCC directly, others are managed by the diocese.  

What are the Parish Ministry Costs?

Parish Ministry Costs (PMC) are the way that the diocese calculates the core expenses of parish churches. Among other things, it fixes the stipend of clergy throughout the diocese, ensuring a fair recompense for all priests, wherever they minister to.

How can I support St. Mary Magdalene Church in Bolney?

  • Our prefered method is the mailParish Giving Scheme (PGS) which is run by a dedicated charity on behalf of individual parishes. Your gifts may be completely anonymous if you wish, are automatically Gift Aided and can also be inflation-linked so that your donation retains the same purchasing power over time.

  • You may give regularly through the church collection plate and if you are a taxpayer, Gift Aid your donation by using one of the yellow envelopes provided in the pews with your details to enable us to reclaim the tax you have already paid.

  • You may join our existing planned giving scheme using a Bank Standing Order which can also be Gift Aided.

  • ​​​​​​You may wish to make a single, tax efficient gift towards a specific project or direct into the general fund, perhaps on an anniversary or in memory of a loved one.

For more information, please speak to either Tim or Sue or  mailContact Us


Leaving a legacy
If you are considering leaving a legacy to St. Mary Magdalene, please click
mailhere for more information or contact the Treasurer directly.


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