St. Mary Magdalene, Bolney

■ Flowers

 Flowers in memory of a loved one 

Would you like to remember a friend or relative in a special way on an important anniversary, a birthday or date of death?

At St. Mary Magdalene in the heart of the village, we decorate the church with flowers most weekends (though not in March/April during Lent or November/December during Advent).

If you would like to contribute to those flowers for a specified occasion, we invite you to put a cash donation into an envelope with the date and name of the person who is being remembered.

This should go through the door at “Badgers” in The Street, marked clearly

Margaret Burgess - Flower Donation

The money will go towards flowers for that specified weekend.

A note will also go into church with them if that is what you would like.


Please ring Emily Hutchings on 01444 881320 for more information.

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