St. Mary Magdalene Bolney

■ Monday Group

The group, led by our Reader, Dr. Tony Bond meet in Church most Monday evenings.

It has a very loose remit, being simply for any who are seeking to learn more and deepen their Christian faith.

The group have looked and studied together passages of scripture, as well as topics related to the Christian faith and how this fits into everyday life.

Some Mondays, the discussion is about questions that have come up, sometimes relating back to the previous Sunday’s readings or sermon.

In short it is a place were you can discuss almost everything, were you can ask the daftest questions, and where you can open your hearts to one another and to God.

Whilst there is a ‘core‘ group that come most Mondays, we are very much a group open to any who simply want to know more, and to grow more in their faith, as well as any who are simply seeking and wanting to know more about God.

For more information, please speak with ormailTony