St. Mary Magdalene
B o l n e y

■ Ding Dong Appeal




  D I N G  . . . . . . . . . . .   

Yes, you guessed it - we've got a dodgy Ticker!


Can you help us restore the heartbeat back into village life?

You've probably noticed that the church clock has not been chiming on the half and quarter hours recently.

This is because the motor and associated mechanism has worn out after all these years.

Each year, that equated to over 350,000 individual quarter strikes (365x24x40)
- that's an awful lot of dings and dongs!



 Clock Chiming Mechanism
 © Mike Anton


Unfortunately, the cost of this work, estimated at £5,367 cannot be met from government grants or carried out on the NHS (National Horological Service! wink), so we need to go "Private" and launch an appeal to carry out the surgery.

In a secondary phase, we also plan to regild the clock face and give the old lady a "Botox" job to restore her back to her youthful glory - if only we could all "turn back the clock" so easily!

Having given the village over 120 years of faithful service (it was installed for the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897), now it's our turn to give her a helping hand.

We have launched the Ding Dong Appeal to carry out repairs and restore the chimes - the heartbeat back into village life and now invite donations to help us reach our target.

Thank you.

Want more information?

Please ask Sue Ayres, Tim Hutchings or Martin Burgess (our technical expert!).