St. Mary Magdalene Bolney

■ Electoral Roll

Being a member of the Church Electoral Roll enables you to vote in elections at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and have any suggestions and comments heard.

To qualify, you need to be

• Baptised

• Aged 16 or older

and either

• Resident in the Parish  OR

• Have habitually attended public worship in the Parish during the past 6 months

mail Electoral Roll Application Form

The form is also available on the welcome table by the South Door.

Please complete and leave it with the Electoral Roll Officer -
Sue Ayres, Rowan, The Street, Bolney. RH17 5PE


A new Electoral Roll is prepared every 6 years.

This will take place in March 2019.

ALL existing members need to re-apply and confirm their eligibility.

It is important that you complete a new application form

DownloadmailHERE or collect from Church

otherwise you cannot be included, even if you are currently on the Electoral Roll.

If you have any queries, please speak to Sue Ayres.