St. Mary Magdalene, Bolney

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This is an opportunity to listen and possibly even sing-a-long.

Go on, no-one's going to be listening in !!

It's YOUR time  . . . . .

L i s t e n    t o    a    V i d e o    o f    t h e    M o n t h  !


Father God, I wonder
A reminder for our Gradual hymn next Sunday - October 22nd

I played this on the organ during communion about 4 weeks ago and some of you did join in!

Written by Ian Smale, currently deacon at Chichester Cathedral - let's do him proud!!

O the deep, deep love of Jesus
This will be our Processional hymn next Sunday - October 22nd

Majestic and powerful, this tune may also be familiar sung to "Who is this so weak and helpless" from the New English Hymnal #474

Breathe - Michael W Smith
"This is my daily bread"

Another intimate yet very powerful worship song

Lord of all my life - Paul Whitfield
Video of the month - August

An intimate yet powerful worship song.

Taken from the album "DEEPER WITH YOU" available at http://paulwhitfieldmusic.com/shop-2/